TumaSoft, LLC

Preset Viewer Breeze FAQ

Q: What is your refund policy on Preset Viewer Breeze?
A: Breeze has a 7-Day trial period in which you can determine if it fits your needs and decide if you wish to purchase a license. Since you can try before you buy we do not offer a refund after purchase of a license.

Q: Is Breeze an upgrade to Preset Viewer 2.1?
A: Breeze is a new product separate from v2.1, similar but has significant differences. It was written to be cross-platform so we could have a product for Mac users.

Q: Why is it written in Adobe AIR?
A: Adobe AIR was the solution we chose for a product to be both cross-platform and have seamless install/upgrade features. There are other solutions, we decided to go with Adobe since our product works with Adobe files.

Q: My mouse wheel is not working, is this intended?
A: Mouse wheel scrolling does work for most users, however Adobe Flash has a known bug with Microsoft mice and the scroll wheel. Unfortunately I cannot 'fix' this. Details can be found in the Adobe bug system HERE

Q: What is the difference between v2.1 and Breeze?
A: A few items are different, most noteable are:

    •organization features (virtual folders vs. keywords, keywording has been dropped)
    •most formats display more accurately (dual brushes especially)
    •compatability with some new preset files made in CS5
    •ability to view installed fonts (only installed, I have not written complete font decoder yet)
    •exporting files is to PNG only (for now)
    •ability to drag files directly into Photoshop, and you can drag files into Breeze to view

Q: Do I need Breeze if I use v2.1?
A: Not necessarily, Preset Viewer v2.1 is still a great product. It just does not run on a Mac very well (emulators can be frustrating)

Q: Do I need to uninstall v2.1 before installing Breeze?
A: No, it is a separate piece of software.

Q: Is the trial fully functional or are there features that "unlock" when a license is purchased?
A: The trial is fully functional, no features are hidden or locked without a license.

Q: Can I import my keywords from v2.1 into Breeze?
A: No, Breeze does not use keywords. Breeze allows you to create groups that you can drag file names in and out of to organize with.

Q: Will it run on Linux? Adobe mentions that AIR runs on Linux machines..
A: Short answer is: Probably. I have not tested much with Linux as there are a few versions out there that I do not have. AIR can be tricky to install on Linux machines, especially Ubuntu. In a nutshell: If you can get AIR up and running on your Linux machine then Breeze will run on it.

Q: My native language reads funny (or is missing) can I help translate?
A: Yes! My only option for language files is Google translate (which is not always accurate) If you have the ability to translate from English to another language and are willing I will be happy to have the help (and so would other customers I'm sure)

Q: I have a question not covered in this FAQ, now what?
A: I am happy to answer other questions here: support@tumasoft.com, as always be patient, this company is just my wife and I, and like today, we can get overwhelmed by email. (there are times I wish I had a giant help desk located in some far away country like some do..)