Preset Viewer Argus

Do you hoard brushes? gather gradients? pile up patterns? stockpile styles?
You NEED a preset viewer. Help is here!

Meet Argus, our newest solution in the lineage of Photoshop viewers!

View your collection of Photoshop presets in Windows Explorer like you do photographs!

Just like it's mythical namesake, Preset Viewer Argus is all seeing - supporting all major Photoshop preset file versions from legacy up through the Creative Cloud.

Argus renders thumbnails of the file contents instead of icons AND utilizes Windows built-in Preview Pane to show the complete contents of the file. All without opening Photoshop. (Argus also works within the Photoshop CS6 and Creative Cloud Open dialogues as well!)

Compatible with Windows Vista, Win7, Win8, Win8.1, and Win10!


View Photoshop presets in explorer


Supported file types include:

  • brushes (abr)
  • patterns (pat)
  • custom shapes (csh)
  • styles (asl)
  • gradients (grd)
  • contours (shc)
  • documents (psd)
  • swatches (aco,ase,act,acb,ado)

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